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2012 Volvo L110G: For Sale

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Equipment Specifications
Year 2012
Make Volvo
Model L110G
Price 67500.00 USD
Location USA
Serial # 8191
Stock # 170148
Hours 13559
Detailed Description

Category For Sale, Status On Yard, Class Used, Available Immediately

  • Great Used Loader,Went through full check out Remarketing Department no leaks,no error codes,runs very well,Brand new 23.5R25 Rubber,new Bucket 4.3 Cyd Yard cap. Auto Lube system Description Part number Model Serial numberEngine 15083692 11215257Transmission 22576 10428Front axle 56005 13057Rear axle 1 56006 13018(Main)control valve 1 17219156 1203712502Loading unit 33028 1172Cab 11294046 1290Attachment bracket,loading unit15176437 4390Torque converter NVERTERCO 31203Front frame 15153463 1655Rear frame 16800949 1657Hydraulic pump 1 15114613 33068806Hydraulic pump 2 15084847 33059709Hydraulic pump 3 17203815 33095240Tilt cyl.
  • Right(Single) ()=P. rod 15104755 12026742Lifting cyl.
  • Right ()=Piston rod 15107943 12027177Lifting cyl.
  • Left ()=Piston Rod 15107943 12027176Steering cyl,RH/single ()=PistRod11107790 12016198Steering cylinder,Left ()=PistonR11107790 12016196Engine specification190 0112Electronic Control Unit,vehicle111380875 11504022Central valve,Wheel Loader 15081291 120131230Combined starting(ign) anddoor keySTARTKEY t545231Foot brake valve 15045692 6904Radiator 15189052 00297Electronic Control Unit,instrument11381500 11503115ECU,Engine 60100011 11481821Air Conditioner Compressor 15082727 xECU,Electronic Climate Control11443400 11504348DPF burner/filter 9222103857 714294027ECU (control unit) ACM 60100012 11490229Electronic Control Unit,vehicle211380880 11393135Hood actuator 15141094 41094#T1151#Inlet,EATS for DPF 22373341 714444009Outlet,EATS for DPF 21695838 711505034 PARK BRAKE ALARM,AUDIBLE0000083875 YANCHORAGE MANUAL0000084419 YFUEL FILL STRAINER0000084580 YReverse alarm,audible0000084682 YREVERSIBLE FAN0000084730 YBOOM SUSPENSION L110-120G0000084740 YATTACH LOCKING STD BOOM0000084743 YACC0000084818 YCOVER PLATES,REAR FRAME0000084821 YHAND RAIL USA0000084866 YENGINE L110G TIER 4 NA0000084881 YWORK LAMP FRONT EXTRA 2HALOGEN0000085000 YGUARD TAILLIGHT HD0000085024 YFOOTSTEPS FRONT FRAME0000085079 YAIR PRE-CLEANER TURBO TYPE0000085091 YFORWARD VIEW MIRROR0000085134 Y3-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION CARETRACKGSM/SAT (G0000085187 YACCUMULATOR COLD CLIMATE0000085204 YHYDR FCTN 30000085215 YRADIO KIT US 20A RIGHT0000085276 YHAND RAIL USA0000085322 YTIRES MICHELIN 23.5R25 XHA20000085324 YATTACHMENT BRACKET L70-120F/G/H0000085346 YDECALS,ENGLISH/SPANISH0000085374 YCARETRACK,GSM/SAT (GLOBAL)0000085533 YRADIO W/CD PLAYER0000085544 YREAR CAMERA0000085548 Y3(4)Sales model Serial number8191Product identification number (PIN)L110G VCEL110GT00008191Sales model Serial number8191Product identification number (PIN)L110G VCEL110GT00008191MACHINE RECORD Card Print date 2018-01-11LANGUAGE KIT 1 (EU,NA)0000085559 YRIM 25-19,50/2,5Â? L110-120F/G/H0000092491 YARMREST OPERATOR SEAT LEFT0000094916 YSEAT BELT0000094925 YLOCK KIT UNIVERSAL0011298440 YREAR VIEW MIRROR (CAB LONGARM)001129844
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Contact Information
Volvo Construction Equipment & Services
Phil Ransom
22099 Knabe Road
Corona, California 92883